Cake Delivery Agreement

In the excitement of winning customers, it is easy to skip steps. But don`t forget that you can unscrew yourself if you don`t get customers to sign your cake contract. We found that most professional custom cake orders follow an 8-step process. You`ll notice that once you get a slope of cake contracts, you`ll use them throughout the process! You should whip up a first cake contract and start writing down some information, including: In this guide, you will learn how to protect yourself from last-minute cancellations with cake contracts, what you need to include in your contracts and how to start writing your own contracts! The rental fees for the use of cake stands, accessories and display items in vintage porcelain should be discussed and put on paper. To protect yourself from damage, theft and late returns, you must also collect a refundable deposit in advance for your rentals. Wow, it`s amazing that you had to uproot your business and make it move like that! But cool to hear that the military community has been both support and a good network tool for you. Where else were you parked and could you tell us what the differences were between these places in terms of pie rules? First, the contract summarizes all aspects of the cake order, including the following details: You can say goodbye to these memories by having your customers sign a cake contract! Below, we insert you through a typical ordering process and explain when and how cake contracts are used. Don`t forget to write down your initial offer in your cake contract. It is useful to check this number again if any of you forget. If the customer accepts the initial offer and all the details of the event are engraved in stone, move on to Step 5 (conclusion).

1. of all this cake alone should have cost no less than 150 dollars! And it`s at the LEAST! I charge so much for 2 animals 6″ and 8″ cakes. 3 levels is a lot of portions that you would definitely have charged $200! I charge $5 per serving for custom cakes. The cupcakes would have been at least 30 dollars more, and it`s for simple cupcakes without fondant topper! Don`t hurt yourself! Making cakes is a serious business. And as with any business, there must be formal agreements between you and your client. A happy occasion can quickly become ugly if all the details are not firmly put in place. A cake contract is a formal handshake between you and your customers. The contract is used to agree the terms of an order. This includes event details, cake design, portion size and especially payment. You should charge at least $6.00 per instalment (if you have talent) Plus all delivery costs. I always take a picture of my cake before and after delivery to prove it.

I`m looking for a good cake deal. I just met “the HELL client” (excuse my French) last weekend. She ordered a 3-level minion inspired birthday cake and 2 1/2 dozen cupcakes. I charged him $80, what I was told is not enough. The cake turned out great and had a great taste (I have the tip in my freezer). But after the party, the customer posted on Facebook that the cake was bad and tore me apart. In particular, she accused me of being racist and told me that I had let it come to me. However, the photos she posted showed plates on which cakes had apparently been eaten. I`ve refunded your money, so I`m now out of this $80 plus ingredients for everything. I need advice on how to write in the contract that there are no refunds, fondant can`t be left in the heat (we`re in Southern Mississippi), etc. Is the cake delivered to the place or picked up by the customer? If you want delivery, then you need to discuss the delivery fee (because AKA delivery your time is not free)! The 2-6 stages sometimes take place at the same time – it`s great when it happens.

Just make sure you have the necessary details for your cake contract, have the customer`s signature and receive the first deposit.

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