Cardiff Council Allotment Tenancy Agreement

As part of the process of reviewing the state of allocations in the city, the Committee on Economic and Cultural Control met yesterday with the management of the Council to assess the progress of an allocation strategy – the results of this review are expected before the end of the year. In recent years, many of Cardiff`s allocations have benefited from increased investments in better access routes, new water supplies, security fences and composted toilets. Please send an email to if you need details to pay by online bank or if you want to connect an envelope with sue`s name and property number through Sue`s front door (4 Fields Park Road, Pontcanna). Website award ads and price listExternlink opens in a new Rhiwbina window Board member Adrian Robson also to be given help to smaller sites to sell their products. Welcome to the Colchester Avenue Allotments Association (CAAA). The committee and landowners hope that you will enjoy a happy, fulfilling and productive gardening and that you will feel part of our “community” on Colchester Avenue. These notes have been written to help you settle down and enjoy our beautiful page. Please read carefully the terms of your lease and helpful tips. (You can find them on our website – – and also on the Cardiff Council website under the allocation rules – – search for attribution rules).

Jane Henshaw, Splott City Councillor, asked Council to consider using “inappropriate” and “excessive” allocations for community renewable energy projects. In response to an oral question at a Council meeting on November 30, Peter Bradbury, a member of the Recreation and Culture Cabinet, stated that the allocation offer did not always meet the demand for space. CONTACT DETAIL CHANGE You will be asked about your address, phone numbers and email address when you enter into your rental agreement. Your email address is especially important for contacting you with information about attribution events and newsletters. Therefore, if you change your contact information, please contact the Secretary Site or inform it in the store so that we can update our tenant records and help us stay in touch with you. Your lease can be terminated if you do not comply with the award rules. Depending on how you broke the rules, this is done in two ways: for all the holders of the allowance, follow the instructions below: more than 600 allocation places in the city were classified as empty despite a recent waiting list of 552 people. Cardiff Council is responsible for 28 allocation areas with more than 2,500 leased areas.

Could you please send us the lease that the Council currently uses for allocation areas within the Council? 2. Could you please send us the pre-lease agreement for the allocation areas to the Council? 3. Was the agreement amended following a public consultation? Could you please send us the documents relating to this consultation, which outlines the amendment of the grant land lease to the Council? Does the Commission intend to conclude the current lease of allocation space within the next 12 months? 6. Can you ask us about the cost of an allowance in your Council for 2008, 2009, 2010, 2011 and what they will be for 2012 and 2013. 7. Can you send us the water use costs charged to each owner within your Board for 2008, 2009, 2010, 2011 and their costs for 2012 and 2013?

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