Chromebook Checkout Agreement

A printed copy of the elemental agreement is available here. The SSPS Chromebook protection plan costs $30 for high school students and $10 for elementary school students. Parents can pay in cash or cards at the checkout. Once school starts, insurance costs can only be paid in cash. In line with the district goals that reflect the success of our students, Sand Springs Public Schools will award a Chromebook to every Grade 9 and 10 student in the District. Each Chromebook remains the property of the school district and is intended for the use of the student until the end of the senior class (12th grade), on that date the Chromebook will be reinstated to the school. This 1:1 initiative aims to: Parents must accompany students to sign papers for the chromebook checkout ________No, I refuse to participate in the insurance program SCPP. I understand that I will be financially responsible for the cost of any damage to the Chromebook or replacement fee if it is stolen while I am being pulled for my child. I agree not to lend this device to anyone and use it for my own school.

Ensure equal access to educational technologies In order to take advantage of the use of this device and ensure that the device is used safely, efficiently and ethically, all students in grades 3 to 12 and their parents must check and sign this document electronically or manually before receiving a Chromebook. I will not try to repair the device or make unauthorized modifications to the device, and I will also maintain expectations of appropriate use by the district. Elemental: Insurance is taken out every night of Meet -Greet. As far as I know, the borough is proposing an Annual Chromebook protection plan to offset the cost of damage. A COPY OF THIS AGREEMENT MUST BE SIGNED BY PARENT OF ALL STUDENTS ASSIGNED A CHROMEBOOK FOR IN-CLASS OR TAKE-HOME USE. . To minimize damage, I agree to keep the Chromebook safe and protected if not used. Improving student success by integrating technology I understand that the district is not responsible for viruses that can be transferred on or from my personal media data storage, and agree to do my best to avoid damage to the device that would render it unusable.

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