Cisco Enterprise Agreement True Forward

As companies become more agile and digital, they will be highly dependent on their software investments. Cisco has been talking for years about being a software company, and Cisco EA, long overdue, is finally on its way, as it offers a simple and flexible opportunity to use Cisco technology from a single enterprise-wide agreement. Every Cisco customer must take this into account for any significant size. Cisco is a company that most people consider hardware-centric, but it quickly became a software model. In 2015, the company introduced its Cisco ONE pricing structure for certain products and expanded it to security at the end of 2016. Cisco ONE has effectively decoupled the purchase of hardware and software. In addition, the collaborative team simplified the purchase with different packages, such. B as the Cisco User Connect License (CUCL) and the Cisco Unified Workspace License (CUWL). However, the company has never had a simple, multi-architecture option for its customers. Before we look at what Cisco True-Forward is, we need to explain the traditional true-up.

A true-up is the industry standard and if you have dealt with licensing technology at any point in your career, you will probably be familiar with this term. In this example, the company concerned has its annual audit date, which is to take place every year in January. In March, they decided to introduce a new security technology, the guard of the stealthwatch. As you can see in the diagram, a true-up would mean that the lender would remember the previous 10 months of use on the January revision date and charge it to the debitor. With Cisco True-Forward, Cisco can see that the company has been using Stealthwatch for 10 months, but doesn`t charge for business. Instead, they will only be charged for future use of the platform. Cisco True-Forward has the added benefit of helping with budgeting. For other true-up enterprise agreements, there could be uncertainty as to how much the supplier will say you owe them as soon as your annual assessment arrives.

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