Salga Wage Agreement 2018

However, we are encouraged by the large number of municipalities that have already indicated in writing to workers that they will abide by the collective agreement on wages. The NEC expects nothing more than the implementation of the wage and wage agreement, whose failure will lead workers to take matters into their own hands. The union will therefore oppose any application for a municipal exemption. Samwu, SA`s largest municipal workers` union, says the State Department`s demands to push municipalities to seek an exemption from a multi-year collective agreement will weaken the unions` bargaining position and set a bad precedent. SAMWU prepares to defend salary and salary agreement The NEC was convened just days after the release of the results of the municipal audit for the 2018/2019 financial year. The NEC expressed serious concern about the continued decline in the results of municipal audits. These results represent a bleak future for municipalities, with the result that it would not be possible to continue providing services to residents if corrective action was not taken immediately. In February, Finance Minister Tito Mboweni announced plans to reduce the public sector payroll by more than R160 billion over the next three years, a decision that unions say amounts to a “declaration of war.” The delegation used the Covid 19 pandemic as a “motivation” for municipalities to terminate the collective agreement, he said. In June, public sector unions took the government to court for refusing to implement a permanent collective agreement, which would result in an increase in the salaries of state employees in April. 2.

that all workers will receive an increase of 3.25% per wage agreement from 1 July 2020 and 3% from 1 January 2021; The union is furious and irritated that, after our rejection of the proposals, SALGA immediately wrote to the municipalities asking them to invoke article 11 of the main collective agreement individually, which provides that a municipality accepts an application for exemption from the granting of wage increases for workers. The NEC indicated that the work was being carried out in the Amanzing Bargaining Council, where wage negotiations for workers in the country`s water management services were continuing. Admittedly, SALGA believes that municipal workers are easy targets and can be blackmailed into forego their wage increases by systematically using the word “cuts” to force workers not to demand their wage and wage increases. The union expected the 257 municipalities to implement wage increases on July 1, or Samwu members would go on strike to force them to abide by the binding collective agreement. The Union of Local Workers of South Africa (Samwu) and the Municipal Union and Independent Trade (Imatu) have declared separate disputes with the South African Local Government Bargaining Council (SALGBC), where wage and wage negotiations are underway with the South African Local Government Association (Salga). The NEC considers this to be a declaration of war, a war that we are prepared to fight to the end to defend the collective agreement on wages, which is legally and contractually owed to municipal workers. By renouncing the agreement, SALGA has attempted to resume wage negotiations on an agreement signed three years ago and which is found last year.

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