Security Deposit Settlement Agreement

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The proper way to make deductions requires a written treatment of deductions with supporting documents. What types of property can be legally deducted from a surety count before the balance is returned to the former tenant? Whenever one of my tenants argues over deposit deductions, I always sign them a settlement agreement before giving them money. In general, a deposit is fully refunded. In most states, your landlord must repay the deposit immediately after the tenant is evicted, unless a valid fee is levied against the deposit. Most countries give homeowners a specified period of time (usually 14 to 30 days) either to return the entire deposit or to provide a broken-down written statement of deductions with support receipts from the deposit count. If a portion is refunded, it should be included in this return. If a landlord wishes to deduct from a deposit, tenants must be aware of the conditions under which deductions are made, as covered by the language in the tenancy agreement.

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