Speea Collective Bargaining Agreement Boeing

Workers have employment contracts. Boeing executives, athletes and many other professionals have employment contracts that open up wages, benefits and working conditions. Why should we be different? We are in an era of record unemployment, but companies like Boeing continue to cut workers` allowances. A strong collective voice is the only way to avoid future reductions and to ensure that workers` ideas for finding solutions are part of future benefits, wages and working conditions. “These reductions are clear violations of our collective agreement and the National Labor Relations Act,” said Ray Goforth, Executive Director of the SPEEA. “More than 3,300 of our members have trusted Boeing to deliver on its promise to fund their continuing education. Boeing has withdrawn funding in a way that violates its own ethical standards, the company`s “code of conduct,” and forces employees to break your obligations to schools, family members and colleagues. In a press release issued on 9 March, in which the results were announced, speEA said that the engineers approved their agreement by 3,837 votes to 3,658. In the vote on a similar agreement, the technicians rejected their contract offer by 1,268 votes to 1,654. This means that the agreement, with a recommendation from elected leaders, will go to a vote and not to a recommendation from the negotiating unit councils. Two tariff units of Professional Engineering Employees in Aerospace (SPEEA) at Boeing Company will be covered by significantly different collective agreements for at least the next two years, after engineers vote in favour of a four-year contract extension and technical staff vote in favour of rejecting it. SPEEA was a member of the International Federation of Professional and Technical Engineers (IFPTE) in 2001. SpeEA staff and the seven-member board of directors had negotiated with management as part of confidentiality agreements and had not disclosed the details of the proposed contract until Thursday afternoon to union representatives, the foot soldiers who represent the union to its members in the offices and in the factory.

The full complaint is available on the SPEEA website at www.speea.org. The result gives engineers a new contract that says SPEEA, fixes problems with pool pay rise and offers parental leave and access to Washington`s paid family and medical program. The new agreement will enter into force immediately and expire on October 6, 2026. The proposed contract amends Boeing`s formula for distributing compensation, which the union had disputed, and provides for 5.5% pay and bonus increases per year for the next two years, then 5% in 2022 and 4.5% for each of the next four years. “Boeing`s unilateral and abrupt implementation of these reductions has essentially left employees to their own aircraft to know how to meet their financial commitments based on Boeing`s now broken promises to fund their training,” Goforth said. In 2023, the share of their medical expenses paid by speEA members will increase from 5% in the current contract to 6%, 9% or 12%, depending on the level of salary.

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