Transfer Agreements Unr

If you have more specific questions about the change at another school, send us an email. These services are intended for use by students in preparation for the transfer. Once you are ready to transfer, early use is recommended. In addition to our default admission options, you may consider our other programs and transfer channels, including: If this information is not available and/or if the student does not agree with the second assessment, he or she may submit a credit rating call. The clerk will first look at the complaint. If the reason why a course was not passed on as desired is the result of a course that does not comply with the guidelines, such as. For example, compliance with the minimum number of credits required for a requirement, the course was scalable, the course was not completed at a regionally accredited institution, etc. the clerk will make a final decision on the transferability of the courses. Do you need to check the status of your assessment of transfers from another school to the NSC? Send an email to begin with. If you request your official transcript from your NSHE institution, the “NSHE to NSHE transfer” method is recommended.

Your transcript is sent electronically by your institution to UNLV, which speeds up the process for you! If you know your main area of study, please consult the main agreements in the university`s catalogue. Basic general agreements provide comprehensive information; The selection of courses in each area must be carried out in conjunction with the consultation of the transfer centre. This is essential because many majors have differences in mathematics, social sciences, science and diversity. For example, if you discuss the math requirement yourself and take a math class that can fill the basic program for a major, it cannot meet the requirement of another major. Courses at NSHE institutions are accepted for equivalent courses by common numbering of courses. Unparalleled NSHE courses and courses from other institutions are evaluated on a case-by-case basis on the basis of course title, benenner, credits, course numbering system used by the institution and course description, if applicable. High-level courses are generally not acceptable for general education requirements, but may apply on a case-by-case basis to priority requirements. Postgraduate courses are not accepted to meet certification and/or certification requirements. The WNC faculty is consulted on the entry if necessary to determine whether a transfer course corresponds to a WNC course and/or must meet a program requirement. Learn more about the rights and responsibilities of an NSHE transfer student.

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