Vehicle Maintenance Service Level Agreement Template

Customers rely on fleet management to plan and budget for the exchange of facilities, explore options available to meet operational requirements, prepare specifications, obtain facilities and vehicles, conduct preventative maintenance, complete planned and unscheduled maintenance, and respond to ad hoc service requests. Preventive maintenance agreement between City Transit Services and A-1 Automotive Effect: 01-13-2009. City Transit Services Service Level Agreement Example of Data Protection Data This document may contain confidential information. This information should not be shared with anyone other than those who participate in this preventative maintenance contract or who are involved during the life cycle. The persons who are responsible for the delivery of the services described in this pre-movement contract and sign this preventive maintenance contract. A-1 Automotive [Address]. [business owner]. Individuals who verify, authorize and sign this preventative maintenance agreement and are responsible for the maintenance of all associated components. City Transit Services [Address]. [business owner]. [System Administrators]. A-1 Automotive [Address]. [business owner].

[System Administrators]. Service Level Agreement Sample 7/20/2010. The objective of ALS is to create a partnership between the parties, focused on agreed measures, to provide operational services with the required level of service. AN ALS will increase accountability and improve customer service and service delivery. 6 Costs are described in more detail in the Service Level Agreement Sample 7/20/2010 section. Page 6 of 24. City Transit services Service Level Agreement Sample Key Contacts A-1 Automotive 1st contact City Transit services contact 1st contact Name Name Title Title Email Address Email Telephone Number Telephone Number A-1 Automotiv 2nd contact City Transit services contact 2nd contact Name Title Title Email Address Email Address Telephone Number Hours of coverage The hours of coverage are from [x] to [x] Monday through Saturday. City transit services can request emergency assistance for urgent problems during uncovered hours by contacting 1-800 xxx- xxxx. Service Level Agreement Sample 7/20/2010. Page 7 of 24. City Transit Services Service Level Agreement Sample 2. Terms of agreement Period This contract is valid from the date and remains in effect for a calendar year.

Effective Date: Review of the Preventive Maintenance Contract The A-1 Automotive will verify this preventative maintenance agreement with Transport Services [X] days after the date mentioned above. Fleet users are looking for safe, reliable, available and economical fleets. Fleet owners have an additional environmental requirement, in accordance with the obligations of the de-haired companies, which will have an impact on the purchase of new equipment and replacements and vehicles. 4 This preventative maintenance contract will grow over time, with additional knowledge of customer needs and the introduction of new applications and services into the support portfolio for City Transit Services.

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